Vision and Mission 

Rebuilding the Fallen Walls of Jerusalem 

The “International Chinese Christian Films-Golden Eagle Award” was suspended for the past 3 years, from 2017-2019.   During those years, Christian film-makers have been eagerly looking forward to the return of the film festival.   Thank God for the new inspiration of “Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah)” and calling for a group of long-term, Christian workers in the film and television industry to participate in this event. Christians have established the “Vision of David Film Workers” Association, and have received the resources and help from God, just like Nehemiah. Since 2019, the Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival (CKFF) has become the new platform of the former Global Christian National Film Festival and was re-established as both a student and a professional film-making contest.  The student area is hosted by Christ’s College Taipei and co-organized by the “Vision of David Film Workers” Association. 

Return to the Ark of the Covenant 

Dr. George Leslie MacKay came to Tamsui 150 years ago as a protestant missionary and sowed the seeds of the Gospel in Taiwan.  150 years later, Christ’s College Taipei has joined hands with “Vision of David Film Workers” to continue the vision of previous missionaries.  Based on David’s mission-“Return to the Ark of the Covenant, and set up the tabernacle”, we look forward to making God’s presence become more vital again in every Christian filmmaker’s heart.  So, “Christ’s College Taipei” was chosen where also located in Tamsui, the area of Taiwan where the missionary, Dr. Mackay, began his gospel outreach and established some of the first protestant churches in Taiwan, as the site for CKFF.  Our prayer is that this will serve as a new launchpad to reignite missionary zeal to reach the world with the Good News through new media and creative arts! 

CKFF Student award — “Dr. James R. Graham Memorial Award” Faithful Footsteps, Witnessing God’s Glory

We named the “James R. Graham Memorial Award” for the prize trophy set up for the CKFF student award. We want to encourage each student who is rewarded to be a witness of the God’s glory while producing and become a missionary in the audio-visual media. 

Cooperation– Establishing a Media Platform for Audiovisual Missionary Works

Through the annual activities of Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival, we hope to set up an investment / contributor for Christian Gospel film and television ministry, a media platform for audio-visual missions with workers, and look forward to introducing more special events through the holding of film festivals. The sponsors of this common vision and mission have established a global incubation base for “Christian Gospel Film and Television Venture Capital” in Taiwan, and the student film competition can become the cradle of young audio-visual missionaries. 


Graduation Theme of Communication Major in Christ’s College Taipei 

The theme of this year’s graduation exhibition of Communication Major is the “Olive Branch Offering”, which aims to convey the concepts of “being talented and confident, to overcome selfishness and learn to willingly serve others; to be helpful and supportive to those in need, and to promote world peace.”  

Students from colleges and universities are welcome to participate in the competition with video works that focus on Christianity, visions of evangelism, and Christian humanitarian projects. 

Content and Date of the Festival (student competition)

In order to encourage young students to create video and audio works with topics of interest, such as the vision of Christianity, visions of evangelical missions, and humanistic care in the Name of Christ, this year’s International Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival (Student Competition), the finalists will be in the MOD “Golden TV”.  In the “National Film Festival” program of the channel, the “Student Film Festival Contest” will first be broadcasted on TV and then on the “Bonus Hunter” platform online.  In addition to winning the “James R. Graham Memorial Award” trophies and prizes, the winning groups also have the opportunity to be highlighted in several churches and summer camp in Taiwan (depends on the COVID-19 situation). 

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, the CKFF 2020 “Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival” student competition will be held online from June 14 to June 30, 2020. 

CKFF 2020 student competition  Schedule/ Remarks 

5/19/2020 23:59 Deadline for film submission 

5/25-29, 2020 Judging of the Films 

6/1/2020 Announcement of the shortlist

6/8-13, 2020  Shortlisted films premiere on the “Film Competition Unit” in the “National Film Festival” program of the MOD “Golden TV” channel will broadcast the finalist films.  

6/14-19, 2020 * Online film festival and audience voting activities for “Bounty Hunter” finalists 

6/20/2020 Announcement of winners on the official website 

6/22-30/2020  Arrange shortlisted films to tour the churches in Taiwan.

7/20-24/2020  Summer camp for gospel film production

The above activities will be held in accordance with the Coronavirus situation. 

Participation and Qualifications 

1. All those who have a “student” status (such as the Ministry of Education certification, theological student, etc.) and have completed the creation of a Christian-message film project since July 1, 2019 can apply. 

2. Participants are required to attach a student ID to the “CKFF2020 Entry Registration Form” to prove their status. In addition, if the work is completed after July 7, 2019, but the participants who have graduated from the school, can submit copies of the graduation certificate of the 108 (2019) school year, or other documents that can prove that the applicant was a student during the time of creation. 

3. Types of Films to be Registered:  

As long as the content of the work meets the standards of “Christian Vision”, “Gospel Mission Vision” or “Christian Humanitarian Caring” can be registered. With this standard met, you are welcome to participate in CKFF with any drama, documentary, experimental video, micro-movie, animation, etc., regardless of subject matter, content, length and creative form. 

For the description of the above related competition awards and bonuses, please refer to the “Contest Awards and Bonuses” section of the official website. 

  • Based on the openness and variety of the creative projects, there is no limit on the length of the entries. 
  • Information for registration 
  1. The deadline for submission for student film festival registration is May 19, 2020. The system will be closed at 23:59 in the evening on the deadline day. Please apply as soon as possible and send it through the acceptance method described below to avoid affecting your participation rights. In addition, this competition welcomes all sectors to actively recommend works to participate the competition. The recommended works shall be agreed to participate the competition through the contact by the Executive Committee and the participants. 
  2. Participation projects are free of registration fees. 
  3. In order to cooperate with the “Bounty Hunter” online film festival system, each film project must be submitted by using the YouTube link URL to register. Please provide the link URL of the feature film and a 30-second trailer. After August 1, 2020, applicants can decide whether to remove their project from the YouTube website. The file format is limited to MP4. Entries in languages ​​other than Chinese-language films are uniformly named with the English film name as the file name, and the video link must be confirmed. It must be a valid link before the finalists are announced. Do not change the link path to avoid affecting the selection. 
  4. Registered participants must download the “CKFF2020 Entry Form” and “CKFF2020 Entry Registration Form” on the official website. Each form provides the necessary requirements for the competition, and all participants must fill out the form truthfully and completely. 
  5. Submissions for non-Chinese or non-English pronunciations must provide English subtitles. 
  6. All relevant materials of the registered film will be archived and stored by the Executive Committee of the Film Festival according to the year. Based on the mission and vision of film festival, the organizer will have the right to ensure that all participants, meet the goals of Christian standards according to the needs of the spreading of the gospel, match the video platforms of all parties and the Christian media industry institutions and groups to conduct possible broadcasting, screening, sharing, lectures, etc. 
  7. The applicant must guarantee the complete intellectual property rights and participation authorization of the entry. Participants should fill in the contest copyright statement and conclusion in the “CKFF2020 entry registration form.” If the rights of others are violated due to participation in the film festival, the applicant shall bear full responsibility; CKFF, the organizer will bear not responsibility for intellectual property rights violations.  If the registration works involve the use of music copyright, please list the song title, use range, genre (song or music), composer, lyricist, singer (if there is no lyricist or singer, it can be exempted). 
  8. The applicant must ensure that the registration information is correct. 
  9. All applicants shall be considered to be in agreement to the provisions of this brochure. 
  10. If there is a violation of the provisions of this brochure, the organizer may disqualify any participant from the competition even after verification. 
  11. If there is any unfinished matter in this brochure, the organizer may amend or supplement it according to actual needs. 
  • Team, Competition Awards and Bonuses 

1. Encourage entries with topics of interest such as the vision of Christianity, visions of evangelism, and humanitarian care of Christ. 

2. CKFF2020 (Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival-Student Competition Unit) will offer a total of eleven awards: 

A. Best Feature Film Award: Encourage the participation of feature film type works with a focus on Christianity, visions of evangelical missions, and humanitarian care of Christ. One winner will be given a Dr. James R. Graham Memorial Trophy and a prize of NT $20,000. 

3. Best Documentary Award: Documentary films with a vision of Christianity, visions of evangelism, and humanitarian care of Christ are encouraged to participate in this competition. One winner will be given a Dr. James R. Graham Memorial Trophy and a prize of NT $20,000. 

4. Best Animation and Experimental Image Creation Award: Encourage participants of audiovisual missions to try various innovative audiovisual missionary expressions, such as cartoons, MVs (music videos) combined with poetry, or innovative process technologies such as VR, AR, MR’s import form works. Any movie format, process type (such as 3D, 2D, hand-painted, CG, etc.) are unlimited, and they can participate in this competition. One winner will be given a Dr. James R. Graham Memorial Trophy and a prize of NT $10,000. 

5. Voter’s Choice Award: Freely selected by the audience on the Bounty Hunter platform. Those with the highest number of votes will receive a Certificate of Merit and a bonus of NT $5,000. 

6. Student Film Festival Performance Award: 

This year’s Student Film Festival will significantly increase individual performance awards to reward students’ individual efforts, including the following awards: 

Best Director Award 

Best Screenwriter 

Best Photography Award 

Best Editing Award 

Best Actor 

Best Actress 

Best Film Music Composition 

Each of the above winners will receive a Certificate of Merit and a bonus of NT $5,000. Additional awards may be added if determined by the committee to be more significant than one of the categories listed above, but the total number of awards will be limited to seven.  Other categories to be considered would be, for example, Production, Art Direction, Art Design, Costume Design, Music Design, Original Film Music, Action Design, Animation Design, Sound Recording, etc. 

  • Film Selection Method 

Primary selection 

The film-related professionals from the Vision of David Workers Association will conduct the preliminary selection of entries and select the finalists for each competition categories and project from all the registered films. 

Final Selections

The professional reviewers selected are:  

1. Representatives of Christian media organizations invited by the Executive Committee

2. Outstanding professionals in the film industry invited by the Executive Committee  

3. Reviewers appointed by the Theological consulting unit of the Executive Committee as reviewers and screened at the film exhibition, film review and selection during the show. The result of the final selection is based on the votes of the film professional’s jury and the conclusion of the selection, and the list of winners will be announced on the official website of the Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival on June 20, 2020. 

Participation, Finalist and Winning Film Obligations and Instructions 

1. All the finalists will be presented with a finalist certificate by the organizer, and the production / production crew team will be invited to attend VIPs at the film festival, awards reception and awards ceremony. 

2. The organizer may require the finalists to provide a copy of the work with Chinese or English subtitles to meet the needs of the organizer and for screening. 

3. The short-listed films must be provided free of charge during the film festival with the film festival unit and its cooperating video and audio platforms, media, and institutions for relevant screening or promotional needs. 

4. The finalists must authorize the organizer to use their works free of charge after the film festival, and can continue to mediate the audio and video platforms of various parties and the Christian media industry and organizations to carry out related video and audio missions such as broadcasting, screening, sharing, and lectures. Authorized cooperation is required. 

5. The finalists must authorize the film festival organizer to use relevant films, graphics, stills and other information files for publicity. 

6. The relevant application materials (text, photos) of the shortlisted works can be included in the Christ’s Kingdom Film Festival database established by this film festival as precious historical data files of the conference. The finalist movie link will be placed on Christ’s College Taipei’s official website for one month for viewing by all walks of life. 

7. Once the entry is shortlisted (subject to the official website announcement), it is obliged to participate in the current festival and not to withdraw for any reason. 

8. All winners in their own country must withhold 10% income tax in accordance with the law; foreign winners must withhold 20% income tax in accordance with the law. 

Picking up and shortlisting videos 

1. For the official screening copy of the finalist film, please send it to the designated address of the organizer before May 19, 2020, in order to facilitate the use of festival materials and awards for the production of relevant ceremony materials. Non-English-speaking videos must have English subtitles. The main acceptable formats for screening are mp4 and Mov format files. 

2. Movie trailer: The format is mainly MOV file (1920×1080). Chinese or English subtitles must be attached for film promotion. 

3. Stills: at least 3 (300 dpi pixels or more than 1MB files). 

4. Chinese, English or original text. 

5. If the film is shortlisted, the film exhibition unit will ask you to provide additional information related to publicity and screening as soon as possible. Other cultural materials such as postcards, posters, and stills are also welcome to be provided. 

Co-organized platform (to be added) 

Golden TV Jingtian Film 

Bounty Hunter platform 

Taiwan “YesHeIs” 

Church APP Platform 

Co-organized media (to be added) 

GOODTV-Good News Television 

Taiwan Church Bulletin 

Christian Today 

Christian Tribune 

National Revival 

Contact Us

Student Film Festival Executive Committee Address: Christ’s College Taipei, 51 Ziqiang Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City Tel: 02-2809-7661 Ext. 3400 Email: ckff2019@cct.edu.tw  

CKFF Offical Link : Tel: 02- 02 2246 8234 Line ID: 0927333275  Email: ckw546@gmail.com Official website: ckff2020.com